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Cyma announces the completion of the StepWatch™ Activity Monitor (SAM) 3.0

Seattle, WA October 6, 2003—Cyma Corporation, a Seattle-based medical device company announces the completion of the StepWatch Activity Monitor (SAM) 3.0, the first commercial product of its kind to accurately measure patient ambulatory activity and objectively assess function.  Release is set for early October, to coincide with the annual meeting of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in Chicago.

The StepWatch is a turn-key system that includes a pager-sized instrument worn on the ankle, and a docking station and software that operates on most Windows or Mac systems. The StepWatch monitors the number of steps taken each minute and can record for at least two months between downloads.  It is used to measure outcomes, document results, and demonstrate progress in medical research, orthopedics, physical therapy, nursing, neurology, geriatrics, exercise physiology, prosthetics, vascular disease, Alzheimer’s, rehabilitation, diabetes research, stroke research, preventive medicine, and other areas of healthcare.

 “The StepWatch provides accurate, continuous, long-term measurement of real world behavior. It has proved to be over 98% accurate in numerous clinical studies,” according to Jim Beck, president of Cyma. “With the increasing demand for objective, quantitative measurements in healthcare, we are looking forward to becoming the ‘gold standard’ for clinical activity monitoring.”

The StepWatch is designed to reliably detect steps regardless of a person’s movement style or physical characteristics, which makes it a powerful tool across a diverse range of applications.

“I have assisted researchers in determining how to accurately monitor everyone from children with cerebral palsy to elderly Alzheimer’s patients with shuffling gaits,” said Kim Coleman, Director of Research. “I have never found an application where extremely high accuracy couldn’t be achieved.  Our new software makes the process of adjusting the monitor for accuracy quite easy even for novice users.”

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About the Company:  Cyma Corporation is a Washington State Company established in 1995.  The original research version of the StepWatch was developed at a Seattle-based not-for-profit prosthetics research lab with participation by clinical faculty at the University of Washington.


More information is available by calling 206/522-4566, emailing, or through the company’s web site:

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