Cyma StepWatch™ Receives FDA Clearance


Seattle, WA April 12, 2004 -- Cyma Corporation announced that it has received Food and Drug Administration marketing clearance for the StepWatch Step Activity Monitor (SAM) as a Class II device.

StepWatch is a small, unobtrusive device that accurately counts steps over time and records amount and level of activity as an individual goes about normal life in order to measure differences that result from medical intervention or changes in health status. It is a turn-key system that includes a pager-sized instrument worn on the ankle, and a docking station and software that operates on most Windows or Mac systems. The StepWatch provides information highly relevant to healthcare because level of daily activity often reflects both functional status and quality of life.  Long-term step activity data is used to measure outcomes, document results, and demonstrate progress in the areas of medical research, orthopedics, obesity, physical therapy, rehabilitation, diabetes, stroke, preventive medicine, and other areas of healthcare. 

About the Company

Cyma is a privately held Washington State Corporation established in 1995.  The Company has exclusive license to the patented technology and manufactures and sells the StepWatch™ Activity Monitor (SAM).  Cyma received  phase 1&2 SBIR grants from NIH to further develop the technology.

More information is available by calling 206/522-4566, emailing, or through the company’s web site: An image of the StepWatch is available at:


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Last updated: Tuesday, March 9, 2004