StepWatch Hardware

The StepWatch System consists of StepWatch Activity Monitor, the StepWatch USB Dock and the StepWatch Analysis Software.

The StepWatch Activity Monitor (SAM) is completely sealed and very durable. It allows no adjustment by the wearer and requires no maintenance by the owner. The instrument measures 75 x 50 x 20 mm and weighs approximately 38 grams (1.3 oz). The SAM has an expected life of 7 years with constant use. It can then be refurbished by Cyma. The case, made of high impact plastic, is contoured to fit comfortably against the leg. An elastic attachment strap ensures that the monitor remains securely attached to the ankle without irritating the skin. Alternatively, the strap can be removed and the monitor worn in a soft cloth sleeve at the ankle. In our studies on over 250 subjects, most report that they quickly forgot that they were wearing the monitor and only one complained of discomfort. The StepWatch has been cleared by the FDA as a class II device.

The StepWatch USB Dock connects to your Windows (98, 2000, ME, XP, NT) or Mac (OSX) computer via the USB port. It is the interface for communicating with the SAM, allowing programming and download. Communications with the monitor are via infrared light. Only one dock is required to support multiple monitors. The dock is powered by the USB connection and requires no batteries.

StepWatch 3.0 Monitor

Size 75 x 50 x 20 mm
Weight  38 grams
Battery  750mAh Lithium
Battery Life   Depends on usage. 7 years with heavy use
Accuracy  >98% independently validated
Sensitivity   User adjustable via software
Sampling Rate   128/sec.
Housing Thick polycarbonate. Injection molded
Attachment Highest accuracy at ankle. Elasticized strap or cotton Lycra cuff
Recording Time Up to 60 days minimum at full resolution
Resolution  1 minute is standard. User adjustable from 3-180 seconds
Memory 32KB. Includes 64 character user notes field
Temperature   Operating 0º to 50ºC /  Storage: -20º to 70ºC
Shock / Drop  Survives multiple drops to concrete
Tamperproof  Permanently sealed
Waterproof/Floats Yes
Factory refurbishable  Yes

StepWatch 3.0 Dock

Size 106 x 68 x 31 mm
Weight 150 Grams
Communication USB to computer. IR to SAM.
Batteries Not required
Power Consumption 100 mA max
LED status indicators 3

Last updated: Monday, June 19, 2006