StepWatch Use in Research:

Areas of use:

Cardiovascular: peripheral vascular disease, role of physical activity in health maintenance

Diabetes: foot ulcer development and healing, activity studies

Gerontology: activity of older adults in care facilities, normative studies,falls and bone density studies related to activity. Alzheimers and dementia

Neurology: stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis

Orthopedics: hip replacement, knee replacement, cartilage replacement, surgical outcomes

Pediatrics: cerebral palsy, intervention outcomes, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, obesity, normative studies

Prosthetics: use of advanced technology prostheses, wear/failure of components, outcomes studies, tracking of rehabilitation progress

Rehabilitation: stroke, brain injury, hip fracture, knee replacement, amputation

Veterinary Medicine: fracture healing in horses, equine behavioral studies

Other:  obesity, back pain, epidemiology, family medicine, nutrition and metabolism, drug studies, normative studies, vocational studies, comparisons of self reporting and monitored performance

Some prominent institutions that are using or have used the StepWatch in their research are listed below.


Hospitals and Others

California State University at Fresno

Alfred I Dupont Hospital for Children

Clarkson University

Baptist Hospital Clinical Research

Columbia University

Barnes Jewish Hospital

Concordia University

Birmingham Nuffield Hospital (UK)

Cornell University

Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center, Seattle

Dalhousie University (Canada)

Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago

Duke University

Children’s National Medical Center Research, Washington DC

East Carolina University

Colorado Prevention Center

Eastern Washington University

Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital

Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland)

Florida Hospital

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)

Geneva University Hospital (Switzerland)

Michigan State University

Institut Robert Merle D’Aubigne (France)

Middle Tennessee State University

Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Health Care

Monash University (Australia)

Joint Replacement Institute, Orthopaedic Hospital

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research Institute

Norrlands University (Sweden)

Lakeshore Foundation

Phillipps University (Germany)

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Southern Illinois University

Massachusetts General Hospital

University of Alabama

Mayo Clinic

University of Alberta (Canada)

Memorial Bone and Joint Hospital, Houston

University of Arkansas

Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute

University of Auckland (New Zealand)

MS Hub Medical Group

University of British Columbia (Canada)

Murdock Children’s Research Institute (Australia)

University of California at Davis

Ness, Ltd. (Israel)

University of Colorado

Neurospychiatric Research Institute

University of Florida

Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions (Australia)

University of Heidelberg (Germany)

Orthotics & Prosthetics South Australia (Australia)

University of Iowa

Prosthetics Research Study

University of Kentucky

Royal Children’s Hospital (Australia)

University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Schering (Croatia)

University of Maryland

Sharp Memorial Hospital

University of Massachusetts

Shriners’ Hospital, Sacramento

University of Medicine & Dentistry New Jersey


University of Miami

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

University of Michigan

The Arthritis Foundation

University of Missouri at Columbia

The Erickson Foundation

University of Münster (Germany)

The Ranawat Orthopaedic Research Foundation

University of Oklahoma

The Walton Center Trust for Neurology & Nuerosurgery (UK)

University of Pittsburgh

University Hospital Zürich, (Switzerland)

University Tennessee

VA Medical Center, Baltimore

University of Texas at Galveston

VA Medical Center, Durham

University of Ulm (Germany)

VA Medical Center, Gainesville

University of Wales (UK)

VA Medical Center, Houston

University of Washington

VA Medical Center, Palo Alto

University of Würzburg (Germany)

VA Medical Center, San Antonio

Virginia Commonwealth University

VA Medical Center, Seattle

Washington University St. Louis

Western Suburban Cardiologists

Wellington School of Medicine, (New Zealand)


Last updated: Thursday, June 1, 2006