StepWatch Analysis Software

The StepWatch Analysis Software is a user-friendly, highly intuitive interface for the StepWatch System. The software is used to program a monitor prior to deployment and to download, view and analyze the data when the recording session is over. Several reports are available for printing and data can be exported to a spreadsheet. The software also offers database function, allowing comparison of collected data to self, groups, or all.


Using the software, the user programs a monitor's sensitivity and the length of time to record (up to 2 months using 1 minute intervals). One also has the option of setting a monitor to begin recording some time in the future. Programming the monitor requires only that the user knows the subject's height and can answer four questions about the subject's gait as shown in this screenshot (also here as a PDF).

There is also an advanced programming mode available for highly unusual monitoring situations, or to allow the use of different epochs in data collection (default is 1 minute but it can be set from 3 seconds to 255 seconds)

Data Download and Analysis

The monitor is downloaded via the USB docking station. Depending on the amount of data, download typically takes 15 seconds to a minute. After download the summary data is displayed (PDF) in a window on your screen. The typical display is a histogram chart with the vertical axis representing steps/minute and the horizontal axis representing time (a 24 hour day) shown in this screenshot (PDF) this information is also available for use as a printed report (PDF). Users can filter (PDF) the data so that only part of a day is analyzed.

Analsyses include a breakdown of time and steps spent at low, moderate and high activities shown here (PDF) and an activity/time analysis which finds the most active 1, 5, 20, 30 and 60 minute periods during each day and reports the average step count therein, shown here (PDF). These analyses are available as a report (PDF) which can be printed. They are also displayed in pie charts and bar graphs. The pie charts show the steps or time at the different activity levels for a chosen day compared to the average for the included time/steps in your data file. The bar graphs show time or steps for all of the days at any combination of the high medium or low activity levels.

System Requirements

The software is compatible with Win98 through WinXP and NT4 operating systems as well as and Macintosh OS 9 and OS X. The minimum suggested computer system is a Macintosh G3 or a Pentium 3 with CD-ROM drive, 128 MB RAM and at least 5 MB free hard disk space. The computer must have a USB port.

Last updated: Friday, August 12, 2005