StepWatch 3 System - Known Issues


There are currently no known issues with the StepWatch 3 Activity Monitor hardware.

Docking Station:

There are currently no know issues with the StepWatch 3 Docking Station itself. However, since January 2006 when installing the StepWatch software on PC computers using Windows it is important to install the USB Driver provided from Cyma rather than letting Windows New Hardware Wizard automatically install the driver it recommends. Follow the Installation Instructions from Cyma.

Because Windows has dynamic selection of ports for USB devices the selection of the communication port in Preferences sometimes needs to be reset. To do this turn off the computer and unplug the dock. Turn on the computer and wait until it is fully running, then plug in the dock. Start the StepWatch program. If the dock's green light is not on, go to Preferences/Communications and select the port (ususally the highest number).

Analysis Software:

StepWatch Analysis Software Version 3.1 is the current version if you are not using this version contact Cyma for an upgrade.

  • Printing from a PC computer may produce unexpected results when using PCL printer drivers. Use Postscript drivers if availalbe. It may also be necessary to set page margins to 0 in page setup.
  • If you wish to copy and paste both text and graphs to other programs, for the graphs use Paste Special and choose the picture (or bitmap) option to paste them. Alternatively, copy and paste all the graphs you want before you copy and paste the text.

Last updated: Monday, June 12, 2006